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VR Training Environments

Current and past experience creating serious games for multiple training branches with complex requirements.

Nothing beats procedure and environment training like actually being there hands-on. Virtual training can provide that environment immersion and interaction at a fraction of the cost and with endless repeatability!

column header 3d modeling

3D Modeling Assets & Visuals

Solid industrial experience creating interior engineering spaces, controls and machinery.

A simple diagram can be worth a thousand words, and sometimes a 3D visual showing depth that the user can walk through or even just rotate can be worth many many diagrams!

column header graphics

2D Graphics & Animation

Freelance experience supporting a training pipeline with animated content and static layouts.


Many other instances of varied graphics design support from online sales banners to logos.

Clean visuals with the right balance of information and color make a world of difference!

column header web

Web Design & Setup

Experience designing and constructing multiple company and personal websites.

You can always start with a template, but that's just the first step in building a unique face to the world that provides the information and value your visitors are looking for!

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